Janet L. Kayfetz

I am an Applied Linguist and I teach the art and craft of writing and speaking.

The way I approach my work comes from an understanding of what we know about language, discourse, learning, and teaching. When we teach, conduct research, write papers and emails and professional documents, manage a project, mentor, lead a lab, office, or business, interact with patients and clients, talk with our families and friends — Excellent communication is the magic that anchors and inspires all of our connections and interactions.


In my university work, I collaborate with faculty researchers and students to build a culture where scientific, technical, and humanistic accomplishments are supported by excellent communication skills. My Academic Writing and Great Presentations courses focus on how to develop well-argued and persuasive science texts and presentations as well as the communicative skills for poster talk interaction, asking and responding to questions, writing blogs and emails, and many other important and relevant communicative competencies.


I coach individuals and groups to excellence in all communicative contexts. We develop and practice plenary presentations, conference presentations, job talks, job interviews, business-place communication, classroom teaching, lectures, workshop presentations, panel presentations, business pitches, and startup pitches.


I also work with researchers and professionals on content development and editing of many different kinds of written texts including science research manuscripts, grant proposals, startup funding proposals, fellowship applications, and business documents.

I am privileged to be working with research scientists, business professionals, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and experts in many exciting areas including engineering, physics, environmental science, policy development, education, technology sciences, business, and medicine.

Significant dimensions in our lives are inspired through our interactions. Whether we are addressing written or spoken discourse, I respect an individual’s unique personality and style and consider all of the dynamic variables that have an impact on communicative effect including audience, the content, the context where the language will be used, and the goals of the writing or the presentation.